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Dear friends. I am excited to tell you about a new film project I’m working on that will be launching in January 2021. Much of the content of the filming is based on the sound principles of working with horses which I outlined in my book  

‘A Voice for the Horse’.

I’ve been teaching the public for the last 30 years and began writing this book about 10 years ago. As the years passed I realized that other than the stories about how I started with horses and the many trials and tribulations I had, the actual methods and skills I used were constantly being refined, which is what they should be. I guess that’s why it took me so long to write my book.

So the book tells a little of how horses have impacted me from a young age and it chronicles my time learning from the biggest influence on my horsemanship Tom Dorrance. Wonderful days. It also documents my personal studies and theories which developed over the years.

In my book I set out a one month training program to help people with their horse’s education. This is not necessarily just for starting horses under saddle, but can be used as a check list for any horse you are riding. It’s a way to make sure your horse has the best education for his life with us humans.

This last part is what has taken me so long to finalize because, the things I used to do as the song says, I sure don’t do no more. Not because it was abusive; but with time, study and practice I found better ways to present things to the horse. Better for the horse and better for the human. 

Much of the theory of this came from analyzing the things I learned from Tom and putting that together with the most up to date scientific research available to make myself clearer in my interactions with both horse and human. I hope to pass this on to a wider audience.

There are not enough days in the year for me to fulfil all the clinic requests so I apologize if I can’t make it to a venue in your area or country. Of course this is further restricted by the current pandemic. I do want to help as many people and horses as I can, so we are really looking forward to the completion of this filming project which should go a long way in achieving this. In the meantime ride safe and with a good heart! See you on the trail somewhere.  

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About John Saint Ryan

John  had several successful careers, but horse riding was always an integral part of his life. Born in the UK, he taught martial arts for 27 years throughout Europe, coaching 12 students to become National Champions and was also elected Chairman of the British Thai Boxing Council. During that time, John rode horses recreationally, while also having a successful acting career, which included being a stunt double for Sean Connery, and co-starring with Heath Ledger in the TV Series 'Roar.' 

In 1992, Saint Ryan moved to the United States and was introduced to the horseman Tom Dorrance, where his love for horse training flourished. Together, John and Tom created training DVDs including 'Greetings from Tom Dorrance', 'Feel, Timing & Balance and 'Visits with Tom'.

John with the late Tom Dorrance 

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