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Here are all the ways you can learn from and connect with John in 2021

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Online Clinics

John will be teaching a number of online clinics in 2021.

The first event is a 3 week Masterclass that starts on 9 January 2021.

The class is limited to 5 participants and auditors are welcome. 

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Reflections of a Horseman Video Series 

Gain access to over 30 hours of John Saint Ryan reflecting on his time with Tom Dorrance, sharing horsemanship advice and parts of his book "A Voice for the Horse" and answering horsemanship questions from his students.

You'll also catch John with his guitar sharing some tunes and telling many of his hilarious and adventurous life stories.

Meet & Greet Video Course

This is a 20 lesson video course where John takes you step by step through important foundation training principles. The videos were filmed in series with John working with a new horse. Each video is only 5-20 minutes long to make the lessons easy to follow. 

Don't have a copy of John's book "A Voice for the Horse" yet?

BONUS - Exclusive Interview 

When you purchase any of John's offers you'll get access to an exclusive interview with John where he shares info about:

  • His mentors Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Master Sken the Muay Thai master.
  • The events that led him to meeting and learning from Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt
  • What things people should be really thinking about working on to advance their horsemanship?
  • Why he published his book - A Voice for The Horse and what he hopes to help horse owners achieve with it.
  • Starting horses and foundation training
  • What he considers the main problems are in the modern world with regards to training horses.
  • The key horses in his life and events that have shaped him.

Coming soon...

A Voice for the Horse the living book 

In the meantime, come and hang out with John in his private Facebook Group "A Voice for the Horse with John Saint Ryan"

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